Before going to Del Angel after tours of Taxco silver artisan shops, how about a Berta – the precursor of margaritas – at none other than Berta’s Bar in the Taxco town center. The Berta is made with tequila, lemon juice, sugar and sparkling/mineral water. Later, Bacardi popularized the margarita by using triple sec or Cointreau with tequila and their marketing power changed the world to eclipse the Berta. I prefer the Berta.

The Del Angel Inn has a rooftop outdoor area with colorful city views, strolling guitarists/singers, a life-size Day of the Dead skeleton, and great food and libations. The onion soup (yes, I said onion soup) was perfect with onions al dente in an onion base with tasty (not stringy, messy, stick to your spoon and mouth) cheese. Thin/pounded pork cutlets with pepper sauce, rice and vegetables were cooked to perfection, and the unbreaded cutlets juicy and delicious. Celito Lindo (corny, I know) playing in the background made this place a special one; the creamy vanilla ice cream ended a perfect meal.

Celso Munoz No. 4.2 Piso
Taxco, Gro – Morelos