Portland’s oldest restaurant (since 1879) , with quite a history to boot. Get this: chef Jim Louie, a stowaway on a windjammer from Canton, China was hired by Huber in 1891 and during the flood of 1894 it was said that Jim’s dedication to his work was shown when the saloon flooded with water with Jim still behind the lunch counter in a row boat serving clams and turkey sandwiches to customers on the other side. Michael row your boat ashore!

Anyway, the above short piece is but only a very small part of this places history (check out www.hubers.com).

The menu has many Pacific Coast seafood choices, along with turkey dishes which appear to be their specialty (one combination with ham to boot – would you call it turf and turfier?). My choice was an 8 oz. filet with gorgonzola topping cooked to perfection with sides of mashed potatoes and a green bean medley. Starter Ceaser salad without anchoives was also very good. The beer bread was really made with the suds, and is an acquired taste.

Wine choices include several Oregon Pinot Noirs; the one we shared from Archery Summit was a good choice. Decor in the oldest section is smashing, complete with a massive bar with three Gothic shaped mirrors in the background. The combination with Frank Loyd Wright style ceiling stained glass panels gives the feeling that you’re in a train station – choo choo.

411 Southwest Third
Portland, OR
(503) 228-5686