German | Minnesota | New Ulm06 Feb 2004 04:06 pm

American translations/versions of German food – belt busting portions when you’re ready for some fats and carbs; but for a lover of sausage and red cabbage and kraut (not too sour), it’s the place in town. I did try their BBQ pork ribs with their special sauce – give them a try.


221 N. Minnesota St.,
New Ulm, MN
(507) 359-2071

on the main commercial strip
(so well-known in town that their address or phone number isn’t even printed on their take out menu)

Minneapolis | Minnesota09 Dec 2003 08:57 pm

Meat lover’s paradise! My favorite in the USA.

26 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis MN (downtown Mpls)
(612) 339-0909