Here we go again! George and I were off to 35th and Racine for our (now) annual trek to get our California wine juice. October 8, 2006 was a perfect day for the outing. This time 60 liters of Pinot Noir, and 20 liters of Chardonnay. We’ll see how my first white survives my methodology; let’s hope for the best.

Our outing included a stop at Freddy’s for the ultimate Italian sausage sandwich, and sharing a glass of George’s burgundy from last year’s vintage. I actually mis-labeled my first vintage in that the California juice used was actually a blend of Pinot and other varietals. Oh well, this time truth in labeling will be the case as the Pinot Noir was a little more expensive than last year’s blend. Supplies again from Paul on Taylor Street (the 5 gallon glass fermenting vessel and other odds and ends).

Nothing to do now for a couple of months but wait.