Cincinnatti | Italian | Ohio09 Jun 2005 08:09 pm

February 2006 update:

Ok, this time the sauteed spinach/portobella/onion as appetizer, and cheese ravioli with tomato basil sauce and Italian sausage with mushrooms as entree, with good Pinot Noir and a banana bread pudding concoction for desert with good black coffee. You can’t go wrong here. I especially like their subtle approach to the addition of meats to their sauces – just right, not overdone and the portions are ample and not ridiculous. Go for it. Note: unfortunately the sausage dish mentioned below was no longer on the menu – don’t know why.

June 05 review:

My third visit here and discovered I failed to review it before – what a big mistake! This is first class food and circuses!

Prior visits brought me to chicken dishes with Gorgonzola, wonderful roasted garlic AND roasted garlic puree. No vampires in sight – does that make any sense? Wine choices by ths glass include cc, m, pn and cb for reds – all good.

But let’s get serious – you have to try their Salsiccia al Marsala (HOMEMADE and WONDERFUL Italian sausage with mushrooms in a marsala demi-glace). I have never had better sausage. It alone is worth the trip in this somewhat hard to find Cincinnati location.

My entree was Penne alla Cionni (with roasted tomatoes, portabellas tossed in olive oil & garlic with scallions and Gorgonzola). The pasta was al dente (though I specified this when I ordered) and combined the best elements of the multitude of ingredients in a well rounded presentation. You won’t go wrong with this one.

Next time I’ll have to judge their Linguine alla Carbonara; I just can’t get enough pancetta and eggs – maybe I was a farmer in a previous life.

Though I usually don’t have dessert, I did indulge in their Torta di Amaretto. Such a complex creation that I won’t bore you with the details – try it for ourself. Hint: it is a real challenger to Tiramisu.


310 Matson Place
Quenn’s Tower
Cincinnati, OH 45204
(513) 251-6467

call for directions or look at their web site

Cincinnatti | German | Ohio04 Mar 2004 06:40 pm

OK, so let’s start by not condemning American German restaurants as not being “really” German – these places are in the USA so why not enjoy their version of ethnic cooking; if I want the best spargel (white asparagus) of course I have to go to Germany (or Switzerland).

This is the real thing with loads of history – begun in 1865 (when Lincoln was winning the war). Check their web site for the complete historical story.

Their neighborhood is being gentrified – close to the University of Cincinnati – so don’t be afraid to visit the area – especially during the warm weather when their outdoor seating area is open – can’t wait for the vines to leaf out.

Beer choices are excellent, and winos would not be totally disappointed with the wine list. Unbuckle your belt (or bustle) and enjoy the chicken schnitzel with artichoke compote with garlic vegetables (green beans for lunch) and a potato pancake to boot – the good, greasy kind with onions (I think) mixed in.

No time or room for dessert here!


302 East University Avenue (at the corner of University and Highland Avenues)
Cincinnati, OH
you better call ahead for directions (if you don’t have a GPS system)
(513) 221-5353