About the reviews

The rating system used in the past has been eliminated – use any numerical ratings with a grain of salt. I am in the process of updating the ratings and making a simpler evaluation of the restaurants. My goal is to identify places worth trying for a variety of reasons – good food, owner commitment to the establishment which results in consistent quality, and value for the prices charged. Cost comments are no longer applicable – due in part because I haven’t visited all of the entries within the past year or two.

These reviews have been compiled over almost 15 years. Therefore, some are more current than others. If a review has been recently updated, it will be noted in the new review, and the old rating (or review) will be listed at the bottom of the new one.

About the reviewer

Tony is a well-traveled man. A few years ago he began keeping a list of the restaurants he liked in the cities he’d visited. His interest in good food and good wine, combined with his very organized nature, meant it was only a matter of time before he was sharing his reviews.

Tony has visited all of these restaurants alone and with others. The reviews represent his own opinion. This site includes reviews for restaurants that he recommends; if a restaurant is on Tony’s list, he thinks it’s worth checking out.

Good eating!