A five star restaurant with two star prices – Carmen and Veronica have created a truly gourmet experience – every dish created here is almost perfect.

Having discovered their new restaurant just months ago, we have become frequent diners and hosted a birthday party for 25 guests in September (what a success).

The variety of choices is a surprise – especially since all dishes are perfectly seasoned and run the full gamut from vegan to carnivore. Carmen does an excellent job with all seafood – try the shrimp fajitas as well as the skirt steak and shrimp combination. The half chicken roasted on a wood plank with sweet potatoes fries on the side exceeds any roast chicken entrees at the upscale French restaurants – and it’s perfectly seared with a crispy skin. Choose the house salad or soup of the day as your starter (when they have fava bean soup go for it).  The Caldo Marino (seafood in a natural broth) is also a must try.

You get the point – I love this place.


5750 North California Avenue

Chicago, IL

(West Rogers Park near intersection of California and Lincoln Avenue)

Closed on Mondays