MK opened this specialty BBQ spot to showcase (in my opinion) his culinary skills and creativity over a wide range of food styles.   BBQ spots have become  ubiquitous in Chicago recently with the opening of many spots – including MK’s. But this is the real thing with pork ribs smoked to perfection – and the pulled pork and beef brisket follow not too far behind. Sides are exceptional (sweet potato fries, garlic fries, collard greens, burnt cauliflower, and several others). This place is close to the U of I medical center and gets very very crowded after  6pm every night – with limited seating capacity a wait should be expected unless you arrive earlier (open daily at 11:30 am and closed at 10 or 11 pm). No wine served here – but good beer choices and bourbon if that’s your thing.

MK deserves your support as he is a big booster of Inspiration Kitchens (see my review).

Parking can be a challenge but you can usually find a street spot east on Taylor (don’t forget to feed the meter). There is a parking lot if you enter through the alley behind County BBQ for a fee. Street spots go for $3 per hour. If you plan to hang out on Taylor Street the lot would be a good option.

1352 West Taylor

Chicago, IL 60607